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Experience Our Technology

We offer a range of sensor-based weighing, measuring, and controlling solutions.
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    Sensor, the key of weighing and measuring

  • Electronic Scales img

    Electronic Scales

    From micro to large
    industrial scales

  • Weighing Inspection img

    Weighing Inspection

    Inspection equipment incorporating weighing technology

  • Measuring instrument img

    Measuring instrument

    Thermal imaging camera, tester, etc.

Smart Solution

Field customized solution with sensor experts
  • smart Factory img

    Smart Factory

    CAS has realized a Korean-style
    smart factory based on high-quality sensors.
  • Smart Logistics img

    Smart Logistics

    Comprehensive solution that efficiently
    supports logistics and inventory management in real time
  • Smart Farm img

    Smart Farm

    A solution that helps create an optimal growing environment
    by collecting environmental data of crops
  • Smart Factory

    Smart Factory

  • Smart Logistics

    Smart Logistics

  • Smart Farm

    Smart Farm

Global Network

Meet CAS's worldwide network.
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