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Presenting site-customized smart solutions
from the sensor experts
    • PB II

      Portable Bench Scale
      링크이동 아이콘
    • PDN Series

      ECR Interface Scale
      링크이동 아이콘
    • CL8000

      PC-Based Scale
      링크이동 아이콘
    • Hei-VAP Series

      Hei-VAP Core
      링크이동 아이콘
    • Reax Series

      링크이동 아이콘
    • ASP-19

      Smart thermometer
      링크이동 아이콘
    • PFN-TI70B1

      Thermal detection dual camera with real image & thermal image
      링크이동 아이콘
    • BCL (60~200kgf)

      Single Point Load Cell (60~200)
      링크이동 아이콘
    • BSA

      Single Ended Beam Load Cell
      링크이동 아이콘
    • LS

      Pancake Load Cell
      링크이동 아이콘
    • WBK

      Truck and Tank weighing Load Cell
      링크이동 아이콘
    • CI-600A

      Industrial Indicator
      링크이동 아이콘
    • CI-400A series

      Weighing Controller Weighing Controller
      링크이동 아이콘
    • CI-150A

      Industrial indicator
      링크이동 아이콘
    • CI-170A

      Fast and Accurate Industrial Indicator
      링크이동 아이콘
    • EXI-200AD

      Compressive Explosion proof Indicator
      링크이동 아이콘
    • EXI-600AD

      Compressive Explosion proof Indicator
      링크이동 아이콘
    • CCK-5500

      Auto Checker
      링크이동 아이콘
    • CLIS-750

      CAS Logistics Inspection System
      링크이동 아이콘
    • IT700-1

      Non-contact infrared thermometer
      링크이동 아이콘
    • BP-DT-4

      Label printer
      링크이동 아이콘
    • DLP-50

      Label, ticket printer
      링크이동 아이콘
    • LBR-1000

      Auto Labeler
      링크이동 아이콘
    • Consumable paper

      Various labels, stickers, papers
      링크이동 아이콘
    • CL-L3

      Cas digital viscometer (advanced type)
      링크이동 아이콘
    • CD-V3

      Electronic hydrometer (advanced type)
      링크이동 아이콘
    • CPK-1B/2B

      Automatic packing machine
      링크이동 아이콘
    • CL5500N

      Supports beef traceability perfectly
      링크이동 아이콘
    • CL7200

      All in one Multimedia Scale
      링크이동 아이콘
    • CL3000

      Label Printing Scale
      링크이동 아이콘
    • CL-Works PRO

      Commercial PC Software
      링크이동 아이콘

    Cooperative Brands

    You can check the brands that cooperate with CAS.

    • YUASA
    • JISC
    • PRIMIX
    • IIJIMA
    • RION
    • TOPCON
    • TSI
    • ETI
    • FLUKE
    • KTC
    • IMADA
    • IKA
    • EFENTO