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Sensor, the core of weighing and measurement. 
Presenting the sensor technology that incorporates the know-how of CAS.
    • Load Cell

      Load Cell

      저용량에서 고용량까지
      정확한 출력이 가능
    • Torque Displacement Sensor

      Torque Displacement Sensor

      놀라운 정확도와 정밀도의
      토크변위 센서
    • Indicator



    Installation Example

    You can check example installations of the product.

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    • Unmanned weighbridge system that measures truck weight

      Large trucks come to and from the raw material warehouse several times a day. CAS unmanned weighing system is a solution that can easily weigh the truck without human workers.- Company Name: 00 Corporation- Installed products: Unmanned weighing solution (truck scale (with load cell WBK), camera, LMT)‘CAS unmanned weighbridge system for truck history management’ ▲ WBK load cell used for truck scaleInstallation information1) Unmanned panel system2) Camera recording/storing system3) LMT (CAS): Module type installation CAS unmanned weigbridge system is a pit type weighing system. For its supply, we closely stuck to it from installation to test run.
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    • Supply of integrated solution for rebar load inspection

      When rebar is drawn out, if the left and right sides are not properly leveled, the rebar may bend or the axial direction may be twisted.Load inspection is important for setting the accurate rebar pull-out strength.- Company name: 00 Electric- Installed product: Load test integrated solution (load cell LSU, indicator, software (measuring program))‘Integrated solution that measures the load application state’ CAS designed the inspection equipment with LSU load cell through consultation with 00 Electrics, and provided an integrated solution to manage the measured load through an indicator (screen) and software program.Key functions 1) Measurement of load application state2) Full graphic display3) Data storage and analysis In this case, our integrated solution not only for simple load test but also for data collection satisfied both field workers and monitoring room.
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    • It measures the spraying power of glass cleaning liquid

      This is a case that a glass cleaning test facility was supplied to 000 Tec, a mid-sized Korean company that manufactures semiconductors, display equipment and materials.- Company Name: 000 Tech- Installed product: Test facility equipped with load cell BCLThe key of glass cleaning is a uniform spraying power! Accurate and reliable cleaning is possible only when the cleaning solution is sprayed with an even force.CAS applied the BCL load cell to the portable tester to accurately measure the cleaning force applied to the glass.
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    • Force resistance meter on model ship

      We present a delivery case of the test equipment used for the model ship made by 00 University.In order to measure the external resistance received by a moving ship, it is essential to measure the force applied in all directions!To solve this problem, CAS applied a multi-axis load cell MAS to the tester.Institution name: 00 UniversityInstalled product: Multi-axis load cell MAS‘Multi-axis load cell MAS is applied’ With multi-axis load cell MAS, the external force resistance on the model ship could be effectively measured.
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