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High quality thermal transfer ribbon made by a film coating company
    • 열전사리본

      Thermal Transfer Ribbon

      Wax, Wax Resin, Resin, Washing Care
      링크이동 아이콘
    • 소모품용지

      Consumable Paper

      Weighing Label / Printer Label / Sticker / Paper
      링크이동 아이콘
    • 바코드프린터

      Barcode Printer

      Commercial, Industrial Barcode Printer
      링크이동 아이콘
    • 프린터헤드

      Printer Head

      Printer head is purchasable
      링크이동 아이콘
    • HOW-TO-USE


      How to set the ribbon to the printer
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    • 카스케미칼

      CAS Chemical

      CAS, a coating specialist founded with Korean capital and Korean technology, About manufacturing process and company
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    • 물류/창고
      Shelf Label,
      Distribution Box,
      Transport Crate
      링크이동 아이콘


    • 농가/식품
      Frozen Food Package,
      Heated Food Wrapper,
      Livestock/Plant Marking
      링크이동 아이콘


    • 실험실/제약
      Laboratory Labeling,
      Medical Devices,
      Chemical/Blood Bags
      링크이동 아이콘


    • 화장품/화학
      링크이동 아이콘


    • 전자/기계/가전
      Printed Circuit Board,
      Mechanical/Electronic Parts,
      Logo/Spec Plate,
      Logistics Label, Tire
      링크이동 아이콘

      Electronic / Mechanical / Home Appliance

    • 의류
      Clothing Tag,
      Care Label
      링크이동 아이콘


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