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Presenting the optical products for process automation and inspection.

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    • Vision inspector for PCB coating

      Vision inspector for PCB coatingCompany Name: 00 SystemMain business: Manufacturing automobile parts (automobile dashboard, HUD and control parts, etc.)This equipment is a device that inspects the state of silicon coated on the PCB substrate. Silicon looks transparent to the human eye, but it emits blue light when irradiated with a special ultraviolet light, so the coated and uncoated areas of the substrate are checked with an accuracy of 0.1mm.CAS equipment is characterized by improved inspection accuracy and defect history management along with work convenience.
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    • Visual Vacuum Leak Tester

      Visual Vacuum Leak TesterCompany Name: 00 MachineMain business: Manufacturing pharmaceutics/ food related systems (washing and drying, inspection line)Vacuum Leak Tester is a system that inspects the vacuum condition by passing a high frequency wave through the drug ampoule produced by a pharmaceutical company. It generates a high frequency in the vacuum-treated ampoule and inspects the vacuum depending on whether it luminesces.In the past, light emission was inspected with the naked eye, but the vision inspector enables automatic inspection for vacuum and non-vacuum conditions. lt;Light emission when high frequency occurs gt;In addition, this equipment has a smart vision camera that allows the inspection without a separate PC configuration because it has a processor in it, increasing the satisfaction of customers who needed simpler facility implementation and cost reduction. lt;A photo of Smart camera equipment gt;As shown in the photo below, when it was normally vacuumed, purple light is emitted at the high frequency generation; but if not properly vacuumed, there is very weak or no light emission, which is automatically inspected by the vision program.
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    • Inspector for foreign matters on the film

      Inspector for foreign matters on the filmCompany Name: 000 KoreaMain business: Manufacturing of secondary battery separator The secondary battery is a rechargeable battery used in smartphones, notebooks, and electric vehicles, and the separator is a thin film that separates the +/- electrodes in the secondary battery to prevent electrical contact between electrodes.Equipment quantity: 2 in totalSystem: equipment to inspect foreign matters and pinholes generated during the manufacture of separation film lt;Schematic diagram of system gt; lt;Inspection method gt; Detection of the object to be detected (ex. pinhole)→ At the same time of object detection, the pixel values of the detection area are displayed primarily as horizontal * vertical sizes. lt; The measured value for each defect section processed with Vision Inspector gt;
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    • High resolution line scanning

      High resolution line scanning systemCompany Name: 00 TechMain business: Deco paper businessDeco Paper is a paper that various patterns and colors (natural wood, marble, stone, textile, abstract patterns, etc.) are printed on a raw paper.Deco paper is used as a design pattern in various places such as furniture, floors, and artificial marble. lt;A photo of PRINTECH KR gt; lt;Front of equipment gt; lt;Side of equipment gt; lt;A photo of Actual scanning gt;The wood in the photo is for testing, so its size is small. But, in the actual use, the processed wood as large as 2000mm long and 350mm wide can be scanned. lt;A photo of Scanned image sample gt;Scan and design the raw wood as shown below.Compared to other foreign scanners, it is far superior in price, driving time, and image quality etc.
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